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connecticut fake idFake Identity Theft Protection

If you’re one of the millions already affected by identity theft, finding protection against future attacks is imperative. If you haven’t yet been a victim of identity fraud, it’s likely you will be in the future. In the last year alone, over 79 million identities were lost by companies, banks, entertainment venues and others. One in four household is already affected by identity theft, and identity fraud is among the fastest growing forms of crime.

The best time to protect yourself is before you’re a victim. Those who have lost thousands of dollars and countless days and nights to worry over stolen identities can attest to this.

Before you read further…. Please make sure you have take the Identity Theft Prevention Stepsfirst. The protection options can be good options, but if you are still throwing away your bank statements without shredding them it’s like buying new laces but no shoes.

Identity Insurance

Identity theft protection is a form of insurance sold by many name brand insurers. Of course it can’t prevent you from getting your identification stolen, but it can help with the expenses of cleaning up the mess after the fact. Before purchasing Identity theft insurance, make sure to know what it covers. Most will cover costs such as attorney fees, and time off from work you take to clean up the problem. Some have minimal coverage and of course those should be avoided. Bottom line know what’s included and weigh if this is a good option for you.

Protecting Yourself

Even the most diligent protection services will tell you that they can’t guarantee your information won’t be stolen – that is something you can control better than anyone else with practical measures and awareness and identity theft prevention techniques.

Among the benefits of a typical identity theft protection program is the rapid alerts the company can offer regarding any activity using your name or credit. Most programs use sophisticated tracking methods to make you instantly aware of any credit applications made in your name. They also track your personal records to alert you to any potentially fraudulent activity in accounts you already have open, changes to your address, etc. Finally, many offer a form of true insurance in the form of a guarantee regarding theft and assistance through mediation if you find yourself in need of help fixing a problem.

You can find many companies offering these services if you do a Google search for Identity Theft. You find some of the following popular services.

  • Life Lock
  • Trusted ID
  • Identity Guard
  • ID Patrol

We actually like the use of these types of services only because most of us may start out with good intentions, but it’s difficult to be as cautious as we should. The services help do some of the monitoring for you.

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